Peace be upon you


Islam is about loving, giving and sharing knowledge. Halal Cards seeks to encourage all of these deeds by simply presenting a message on a card. It is so important to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us, to remind them that they are always in our dua's, and to show our appreciation of them in one way or another. The power of words can achieve this with no problem at all.


Sending a card out to someone you love is not only showing that person that you have thought of them but also making them smile, which brings you one step closer to Jannah. Giving and being generous is a true reflection of Islam. As the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) always taught us to give as much as we could possibly afford. The wonderful thing about Halal Cards is that we provide great quality cards at affordable prices so we can aim to please all ages of all backgrounds, after all, we are all equal in islam!


Halal Cards is a message in itself to show the world what Islam is about. Which is to love and to give and be nothing but kind. Halal Cards is a reminder to everyone that Islam is a simple but beautiful religion, Alhamdulillah!


A big thanks for the support from the Halal Team,

Nilima, Thomas & Louise.


For all enquiries contact: salaam@halalcards.co.uk

The most Important feature of Halal Cards is that every card sold a percentage of the profit is given to charity. Our donations go towards supporting worthy projects through Islamic Relief UK.

We pride ourselves on our premium quality of cards. From the beautiful illustrations we create to level of production we impliment when printing the cards and picking the materials.

Ofcourse we specialise in producing cards for islamc events, however what makes us halal is giving everyone the opportunity when shopping for cards to take the charitable route. This is very important to us as it's one of the five pillars of Islam (Being chartitable & giving to the poor).

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