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Floral Greeting Card


Our Islamic Art styled cards are unique for their bright colours and intricate designs.

We pride ourselves for our different and fun coloured cards which represent the beauty of Islam and the true joy of the religion.

Islam is a bright and colourful religion so with this card we encourage people to be joyful bright and happy!

All our cards come with our exclusive, luxury & trademark HalalCards Envelope - This is definitely a card to be remembered..!

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What would be the right occasion?

Our bespoke blank cards are left blank so they are flexible and suitable for any occasion. Our unique bright coloured cards are designed to be used for anything, whether that’s wedding invites, thank you cards or just letting someone know you're thinking of them.

We take great pride in designing each blank card carefully to ensure that it can be used for all purposes.

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Halal Cards are a brand new Islamic Giftware Brand. We launched in 2016 with our range of luxurious greetings cards.

Sending a card out to someone you love is not only showing that person that you have thought of them but also making them smile, which brings you one step closer to Jannah.

Giving and being generous is a true reflection of Islam. As the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) always taught us to give as much as we could possibly afford. The wonderful thing about Halal Cards is that we provide great quality cards at affordable prices so we can aim to please all ages of all backgrounds, after all, we are all equal in islam!

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What makes our cards so beautifully luxurious?!
We only use High quality, FSC Certified (Tree Friendly) cardstock
All our products are printed here in the UK, supporting other small business'
We donate a percentage of the profits straight to the Islamic Relief Charity - because we believe in giving.

If you are unsure on whether your occasion is fit for this card, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us to advice you at Salaam@halalcards.co.uk

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Thankyou for your interest in our greetings cards and giftwares. We accept wholesale orders - Simply contact us for further information!